Insight into a Developers Life

I do enjoy a good hearty laugh and as a developer, life can get pretty stressful, especially during deployments. During these times I yearn for a good laugh. One of my most loved sources of enjoyed is the_coding_love. It's basically a site that lists a common scenario a developer faces and pairs this will a short video clip (usually a few seconds long). Such a simple idea that works incredibly well. I'm unsure whether non-devs find it funny but I know that every dev I've met finds them hilarious.

I've listed some of my favourites below for your enjoyment. If you enjoy these, make sure you head over to the_coding_love for more goodness!

When I launch my script for the first time after several hours of development

When they ask me if the user manual is going to be updated

When they tell me the site has to be IE-Friendly

"Why refactor? It works pretty well"

When I'm deploying code to production

When my regex returned exactly what I expected

When asked to lend a hand on a Friday afternoon

When my script finally worked

When I'm told that my code is broken in production