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爱国情·奋斗者 广东绿道引领绿色生活 第六届“粤治·治理现代化”交流会 "中国梦"主题新创作歌曲展 广东省药品科普进基层活动月

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广东省文明办 南方报业传媒集团 广东楹联学会征集2020年道德春联启事

News Guangdong

Yearender: Foreign retailers put best foot forward in evolving China market

Foreign retailers are expanding their presence and navigating their strategies in China. China shows the commitment in further opening up and creating an increasingly prosperous market.

Hong Kong police commissioner watches flag-raising ceremony in Beijing

Tang Ping-keung, the new commissioner of police of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), led a delegation of the Hong Kong Police Force to watch the flag-raising ceremony in Beijing on Saturday morning.

Neil Bush: I’m optimistic about China-US Relations

“The China-US relationship is the most crucial bilateral relationship in the world,” Neil Bush indicated in an interview with Chinese media at the 2019 Imperial Springs International Forum. “I’m very optimistic that things will get back on track.”

All aboard! A trip to Guizhou by high-speed rail

Are you fretting about where to spend your hard-earned weekend?

Hannah's first experience of reporting 2019 Imperial Springs International Forum

As a rookie, what Hannah has prepared for this event?

Fair held to showcase specialty products and promote tourism in China's Guangdong

For over two years, Lianjiang has been offering financial and technological assistance to Rongshui in its poverty-alleviation efforts, and the partnership has achieved good results.
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